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IMD MBA Alumni Scholarships, Switzerland


Jika anda yang sedang mencari informasi IMD MBA Alumni Scholarships, Switzerland, maka Beasiswa D3 S1 S2 akan menyampaikan tentang IMD MBA Alumni Scholarships, Switzerland seperti dibawah ini:

IMD MBA Alumni Scholarships, Switzerland

The five IMD MBA Alumni Scholarships are designed to encourage diversity in the class. One is awarded to each region: Asia, Africa/Middle East, Latin America, Eastern Europe and Western Europe/North America/Oceania.
Number of scholarships: Five (one from each area)
Amount: CHF 30,000
Geographic region
  • Africa / Middle East
  • Asia
  • Eastern Europe
  • Latin America
  • Western Europe / North America / Oceania
Who can qualify
Candidates who have already applied to the full-time IMD MBA program and who are citizens, but not necessarily current residents, of the above geographical areas
  1. 1) Acceptance into the IMD MBA Program
  2. 2) Submitting an essay on: “As a business leader, which issue would you set as your first priority to address in your region / country? Why would you choose this issue? How would you, personally, address it?” (maximum 1000 words)
Please draw on your own experiences in your answer, rather than on general, broad statements. The committee is looking for essays that are personal, visionary and demonstrate leadership, which include a clearly articulated description of how the solution could be implemented.
Jury: IMD MBA alumni loan committee
Deadline: September 30
Scholarship essays, or questions, should be sent to [email protected]
IMD MBA scholarship conditions
Applicants must have been accepted into the IMD MBA program prior to their application.
Our scholarship applications are essay based, with winning essays typically including the following features:
  • Relevance to the essay title
  • Organization and structure
  • Fully developed arguments
  • Persuasiveness
  • Personal element and/or passion
IMD reserves the right not to award a scholarship if the criteria are not met to the satisfaction of the jury / sponsors.
For more information, please visit : official website
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