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Postdoctoral in Business Administration


Jika anda yang sedang mencari informasi Postdoctoral in Business Administration, maka Beasiswa D3 S1 S2 akan menyampaikan tentang Postdoctoral in Business Administration seperti dibawah ini:

Postdoctoral in Business Administration

The holder of this position should have competency and experience in at least one of the fields of business studies. Scholarly proficiency is the main requirement for employment. The position involves a limited amount of teaching (the equivalent of one course a year and some supervision of Bachelor and Master’s Theses).

To be qualified for employment as post doc, an individual shall have a PhD awarded no more than three years ago (unless the applicant has been on parental leave of leave due to illness).

For appointment, the aplicant must have demonstrated a high degree of research expertise and also shown teaching skills. The application must include a research plan where the applicant presents his/her own ideas for research to be conducted.Link

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