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GLITEMA Master Scholarships 2011


Jika anda yang sedang mencari informasi GLITEMA Master Scholarships 2011, maka Beasiswa D3 S1 S2 akan menyampaikan tentang GLITEMA Master Scholarships 2011 seperti dibawah ini:

GLITEMA Master Scholarships 2011

The GLITEMA (German Literature in the European Middle Ages) EMMC is an integrated Master Course
Study Subject: German Literature in the European Middle Ages
Employer: Erasmus Mundus
Level: Masters

The GLITEMA (German Literature in the European Middle Ages) EMMC is an integrated Master Course run by a consortium of three full partner universities (Porto, PT [co-ordinator], Bremen, Palermo), supported by a number of associated partner HEIs (Amsterdam, FU Berlin, Cairo, Greifswald, Olomouc, Ljubljana, Moscow [Lomonosov], North Carolina, Rio de Janeiro, Santiago de Compostela, Vienna, Zurich).

The basic premise for the GLITEMA EMMC is the understanding that Medieval culture, in order to be fully comprehended, must be analysed from within its wider European context: in particular, the traditional “national philological approach”, which has informed Medieval German Studies since their inception during the 19th century, does not allow students to understand the full extent to which today’s national cultures in Europe have their roots in a common – Medieval – past. Thus, this EMMC aims to emphasize the pre-national nature of German Medieval Studies and analyse them from within their European context; to this end, the potentialities of trans-national student and staff mobility within the EU will be used to underpin the European approach to the subject.

Since most of the course will be taught in German, a good working knowledge of the language (level C.1 in Bremen and B.2 in Palermo and Porto) is a pre-requirement; tuition in this language will be offered by Palermo and Porto, while students are also expected to gain linguistic skills in Italian and/or Portuguese through intensive language training programmes.

A maximum of thirty students will be selected for the programme; only those candidates who have obtained a good first cycle degree in a relevant area of studies will be eligible for selection.

Scholarship Application Deadline: 31 December 2010
Source: http://glitema.up.pt/index.php?c=ctl_paginas&m=view&id_pagina=home&lang=en
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