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Rabu, Juni 16, 2010

[Denmark] PhD in Globalization, ISG at Roskilde University

PhD in Globalization, ISG, Roskilde University, Denmark

The Institute for Society and Globalisation (ISG) specialises in interdisciplinary research and teaching in the social sciences.

Roskilde University is a leading Danish university emphasising interdisciplinary research, project-based learning, and socially-relevant engagement. The Doctoral School of the ISG announces PhD scholarships for employment from the 1st September 2010 or soon after in the following research themes:

1. The Challenge of Globalisation in Western Europe.
2. Collaborative Innovation in the Public Sector with a Specific Focus on Health Care.
3. European uni0n Foreign Policy in an era of globalisation.
4. The Migration Industry and Markets for Managing Migration.

The application must be based on the full announcement, which is found on:
Please note: the first three themes are for so-called mobility scholarships, therefore only non-Roskilde University graduates can apply.

Application deadline: 25 June 2010

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