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Rabu, November 19, 2008

UK - The University of Edinburgh Undergraduate Bursaries

UK - The University of Edinburgh Undergraduate Bursaries - Over 180 scholarships will be awarded to undergraduate students in British schools or colleges in Britain who have financial difficulties in access to the place of admission to the University of Edinburgh. The minimum value of each prize of 1000 pounds sterling per annum, payable at the beginning of each session in operating costs and will be available during the first cycle in the light of academic progress.

Applying for a place at The University of Edinburgh?

Concerned about how to finance university study?

Then apply for an Access Bursary Access Bursaries

Over 180 bursaries are available for degree programmes for 2009 entry, each worth a minimum of £1,000 per year of study. Apply for a bursary online now.

You have a choice of over 600 undergraduate degree programmes, including single and joint honours programmes.

Closing date for applications is 3 April 2009.

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